When you combine the expertise and detail of the Steed Brothers with the craftsman skills and expertise of the very best log home construction experts you get a Luxury Log or Timber Home. They are hand-crafted according to the old traditions that will exceed anyone’s highest expectations! This is not the “pass” as “log” homes but the real thing using full-sized harvested beetle-kill timber. Jack Steed has sought out the very best craftsmen in the industry and as a result, Will Steed Homes not only offers the very finest in conventionally constructed luxury custom homes but now brings the very finest in Luxury Log and Timber homes to the Will Steed Homes market-place.

Who has never dreamed of owning a luxury log cabin in the hills? Now you can have your very own! And what’s even better, you won’t be dealing with someone up in some northern territory but rather your log home will be pre-constructed right here in Texas before being disassembled and brought to your home site.

For more information, give Jack a call at 940-736-0529 or email him at jack@willsteedhomes.com.