This 1830s barn from Rotterdam, New York was restored and repurposed with the vision of Will Steed Homes and Heritage Barns. What once was a forgotten barn was transformed piece by piece into a timeless home reminiscent of yesteryear. The original barn had the right size and character needed to create a homeowner’s dream. The original barn featured posts and beams that were hand hewn and assembled with mortise and tenon joinery. The barn’s wood is a combination of oak and hemlock. One of the unique features of the barn is the swing beam. It is a double heavy beam located near the center of the barn. A post went from the underside of the beam to the floor. In it’s heyday, oxen was tethered to the pole and it walked around all day crushing grain.


After the barn was taken apart and shipped to Texas, Heritage Barns restored the wood, pressure washed the structure, and finally fumigated it. It was then loaded onto trucks and shipped to it’s final location. Keeping with the character of the barn found in upstate New York but with a new functional home design, the barn was assembled. Will Steed Homes finds the beauty in things old and new. Whatever your vision is for your home, Will Steed Homes is here to make it happen!

Check out the video and photography below!

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