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Will Steed Homes' success is grounded in the relationships that have been built between our employees and customers. Relationships are built on trust, communication, and honesty. As such, relationships require constant attention to maintain their strength. This is where Will Steed Homes differs from other home-builders: we spend more time focusing on building trust than any other aspect of our

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Cost Factors to Consider when Building Your Home

I get asked all the time, “How much do you build for a square foot?” Or, “What does it cost per square foot to build a house?” My answer…..well, it depends on a lot of different factors. As custom home builders, each of our projects are unique - rarely building the same home twice. We typically have a wide range of projects

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Will Steed, Granbury Home Builder Remodels Harbor Lakes Home

Exterior and interior down to the studs, Will Steed Fine Custom Homes transforms a 20-year old Harbor Lakes Home from dark and dated to open and airy. More challenging than a new build where you can plan for your needs from the beginning, this level of remodel required innovative thinking to work around existing obstacles while still meeting the clients’ goals.

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The Ultimate Referral

Happy Clients Choose Will Steed Fine Custom Homes For Their Next Home Build – AGAIN! Maybe you are building your first home or a new home for your growing family, a vacation home or downsizing for your retirement. Different stages of life mean changing needs for you and your family. One thing that won’t change is our dedication to fulfilling the dreams and expectations you

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Lots Available in Rolling Creek Ranch

Lots 131 and 228 in Rolling Creek Ranch lots are ready for your custom dream home to break ground! Will Steed Homes has two available 1.1 acre lots to choose from for your dream custom home. This up-and-coming area is sure to not disappoint, it is surrounded by Granbury's rolling hills, large oak trees and serene panoramic views and will have you falling in

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The Versatility of Shiplap

If you have been around a tv at any time in the last five years, you know what the word shiplap means. Shiplap has definitely made a name for itself since the hit show 'Fixer Upper'. The HGTV series may be coming to an end but this custom home trend definitely isn't due to the popularity among homeowners. Shiplap can usually be uncovered in

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Design Trends for Granbury Custom Homes

For the most part, homes built in Granbury and Fort Worth follow the same trends that we see happening nationally. However, there are a few trends in the Hood County and North Texas areas that we have noticed in recent years. One of the great things about building a custom home is you typically get what you want, and the house is designed for how

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Will Steed on Built-In Refrigeration – Custom Home Builder for Granbury, Fort Worth, and Surrounding Areas

When building a custom home, don’t overlook the most used appliance! Our customers often ask for advice or suggestions related to appliances. The importance of the refrigerator location and specifications can sometimes be an afterthought for customers in the design phase - leaving them with limited options. When it is considered, the upgrade to built-in refrigeration has typically been a budget-buster in the past. Built-in

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Building a Strong Foundation

'So may it please you to bless the household of your servant, so that it might remain forever in your presence, because you, Lord God, have spoken, and from your blessing may the household of your servant be blessed forever.' 2 Samuel 7:29   It is our belief that God provides the strongest foundation when building a home – not just the

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Motorized Screens For Your Outdoor Living Space

The weather in Texas can mean many things. Rain one day then bright and sunny the next. You can be sure you'll enjoy every day with an elegant, screened-in porch. Motorized screens are the perfect compliment for any outdoor living space. The retractable screen allows you to maintain a visual of your surroundings without any interference. These screens serve multiple purposes including being a solar

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Looking for a Smaller Custom Home in Granbury?

Over the years, Will Steed Homes has created some truly impressive custom homes in North Texas. From the concept phase all the way to the landscape design, Will Steed and his team work closely with homeowners to build a place where your family can enjoy living for many years. And Texas is definitely a great place to raise a family. Though many of these gorgeous

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Rolling Creek Ranch Custom Home Builder

Will Steed Homes is your local Rolling Creek Ranch custom home builder and recently named 2017's Hood County's Best Builder. The Rolling Creek Ranch lots are ready for your custom dream home to break ground! Will Steed Homes has two available 1.1 acre lots to choose from for your dream custom home. For homeowners looking for something more with room to roam, these lots are

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Will Steed Homes Featured By Milgard Windows and Doors

Will Steed Homes recently built a Modern Hill Country Home in Fort Worth, TX utilizing the latest in window technology from Milgard Windows & Doors. WSH is honored to have the open airy home featured on Milgard Windows & Doors' website. The modern hill country home beams with natural light throughout from the beautiful Painted Style Line® Series vinyl windows. Like Will Steed Homes, Milgard

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Will Steed’s Quality Contractors Build Quality Homes In Bella Ranch

When working with Will Steed Homes, you will have peace of mind knowing only the best contractors in the industry have been hired to build your custom home. Contractors are a crucial piece of the home building puzzle. We believe contractors representing the Will Steed name must reflect Will Steed Homes' values and quality standards. We recently built a custom home in Bella Ranch, a

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Not Just For Wheelchairs: The Beauty of Accessibility

Designing and building an accessible home is a journey, one which requires education, patience and compromise. Our goal was to build an affordable one-story lake house that was both beautiful and comfortable for visiting family or friends who are burdened in some way with a disability. As my mom is in a wheelchair, I am sensitive to the needs of those with handicaps and passionate

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1830s Barn Designed Into Will Steed Home!

This 1830s barn from Rotterdam, New York was restored and repurposed with the vision of Will Steed Homes and Heritage Barns. What once was a forgotten barn was transformed piece by piece into a timeless home reminiscent of yesteryear. The original barn had the right size and character needed to create a homeowner's dream. The original barn featured posts and beams that were hand hewn

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A Home’s Blessing

Recently, one of our homeowners had some friends and family gather to bless their new home. They prayed for the workers and the family, wrote lots of scripture from the Bible on the walls, and had a great time of fellowship. Will Steed Homes believes in the power of prayer and was honored to be a part of this special occasion.  

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Glen Rose Custom Home Builder

Will Steed Homes is your choice for a Glen Rose Custom Home Builder. Whether it's the tranquil living or great schools that bring you to Glen Rose, Texas, you have many great neighborhood choices to choose from! In Falcon Ridge Estates, the large red barn sits at the entrance into the winding neighborhood with 1+ acre lots. However, if you are looking for country

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An Actual Real-Time Energy Comparison Update

The below energy information is from a Will Steed homeowner who has foam insulation. It truly showcases how energy efficient every Will Steed home is. Home builders talk about using energy efficient materials and incorporating energy savings components, but what does it all really mean? Homeowners want to think that their utility bills will be lower, but many wind up disappointed. With a custom Will

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Luxury Country Homes

The exclusive Terra Bella subdivision in Westlake offers so much for homeowners looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Westlake has the scenic natural beauty that draws those who value picturesque landscapes, dotted with lazy rivers and fish ponds. This is the epitome of a quaint Texas town, complete with neighbors who look out for each other and numerous

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Distinctive French Country Home

Located in the exclusive Terra Bella subdivision of Westlake, this gorgeous French Country home has numerous Classical elements. The house offers a long list of custom features including solid hardwood floors and natural stone tile. Even the smallest details are attended to in a custom Will Steed Home, such as a rustic sliding barn door to provide the craft room with a fun vibe. The

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Westlake Home Testimonial

When we decided to build a new home in Westlake, there were multiple custom builders we could have considered because the area is known for having some of the finest homes in Texas. WSH had built a home for a family member in Granbury and they were very pleased. I was a little apprehensive about considering WSH because the majority of their projects were

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The Will Steed Homes Difference – Building in a Better Environment

At Will Steed Homes we take pride in what we do and it shows in every detail of the building process for your new home. On all of our job sites, you will find a clean safe environment that not only makes it easier for you to view your new home’s progress but it also makes it a better place for our people to work. Some

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Cedar-Clad Overhead Doors

Many homeowners now have steel overhead doors on their garage. These are actually very durable, long-lasting doors and require very little maintenance over the years. They are difficult to damage and will keep the contents of your garage very secure. The problem for many people who own a beautiful home is that these are not visually appealing. Steel overhead doors are sturdy but not too

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Back Yard Addition, Deerwood Forest in Fort Worth

Since Texas has so much warm, lovely weather, many homeowners are installing an outdoor kitchen, fire place, or other outdoor structures to enhance outdoor living. We recently installed a Cedar Pergola in a homeowner’s backyard. These are so versatile. You can place your outdoor furniture under a pergola and enjoy partial shade. If you’d like more, then grow morning glory vines, trumpet vines, or grapevines

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Remodel in Pecan Plantation, Granbury

Recently, at Will Steed Homes, we were asked to create a lovely, spacious handicap-accessible bathroom that had a contemporary look and feel. As the population ages, more Americans find themselves in need of services like these. We accepted the challenge and began work on a design for the homeowners. Once we presented the design to them, a few minor adjustments were made, and then we

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Do You Need a Backup Home Generator?

Texas is well known for its tornadoes and big thunderstorms that can knock out the electricity. If you live in a highly populated area, then your electricity probably isn’t off for long. However, if you live outside the city limits, the utility companies are much slower to get around to your neighborhood. If you have a freezer full of shrimp, steaks, and other foods, then

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Will Steed Featured Signature Home

Will Steed Homes has taken Prairie Style to a whole new level with this gorgeous 4,188 square foot home. This beautiful baby features a stainless steel and glass staircase and balcony railings, along with an all tile foyer and staircase, stained concrete first floor and nail down solid oak flooring upstairs. Inside are so many high-end features that it’s hard to mention them all. The

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Building a Custom Equestrian Home in Weatherford and Whitesboro

Building a Custom Equestrian Home in Weatherford or Whitesboro? Weatherford is a beautiful place to build a gorgeous Equestrian Home. Land prices there are still very reasonable and you’ll find plenty of acreage available. This quaint town has been named the “Peach Capital of Texas” but it is also known as the “Cutting Horse Capital of the World”. When Ambrose B. White and his family

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Custom Home Building Trends in Fort Worth, TX

Custom homes are all about choosing unique features that exemplify the owner’s taste and personality. Certain trends come and go over time though. One popular trend that has been around for a few years is “going green”. In building custom homes, this can mean anything from the use of sustainable woods for flooring to adding solar panels. Custom home building trends in Fort Worth, TX

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Building Technologically Advanced Homes in Granbury

Homeowners today are really excited by all the new advancements in Smart Homes. With numerous innovative features, building technologically advanced homes in Granbury could be a smart move for you and your family. The latest technologies include all types of creative systems to regulate everything from security to lighting. Security & Automation If you’re looking for exceptional safety and security for your family, then there

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Will Steed Homes Voted A Best Builder for 2014

Hood County News (HCNews), has just announced the winners of their annual contest for home builders in Hood County. They have selected Will Steed Homes as the Best Builder for 2014, runner up. They used various criteria to determine their selection, along with surveys from local residents. Many residents of Hood County listed some of the reasons why they chose Will Steed Custom Homes, a

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Build a Better Lake Home

If you’re looking to build a better lake home then you may already know the important features to search for. Some homeowners do plenty of research before starting to build and some just go into it with no idea what they want. One thing that most gorgeous lake homes have in common is an abundance of usable outdoor space. Normally a lake home will have

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New Home in Highland Ranch Estates Aledo, TX

If you’ve been searching for a New Custom Home in Highland Ranch Estates Aledo, TX, then you may already know that Aledo is the perfect small town. Recently, they celebrated 50 years of being incorporated but the town was actually established in 1882. Aledo is Growing! A few years ago, the town embarked on a major project … the building of a new and modern

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Brashier Home Testimonial

Brashier Custom Home Builder Testimonial Mountain Lakes Subdivision Bluff Dale, Texas

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An Energy Comparison

One thing that we take very seriously at Will Steed Homes is our energy efficiency rating. We put a great deal of thought into building homes that make use of all possible energy savings features. We believe this is one of the things that sets our homes apart from others. A custom home built by Will Steed will not only be beautiful, but it will

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Airplane Hangars by Will Steed Homes

Granbury has a couple of communities with airstrips, Pecan Plantation and Nassau Bay. We’ve just recently completed work on an airplane hangar in Pecan Plantation. This is a 50x60 weld-up metal building, insulated, with metal sheet siding on the inside. It features a 45' Schweiss hydraulic awning hangar door and polyurethane floor covering. The hangar is heated and cooled and even includes a Big Ass

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The Difference is in the Details – Dryer Vents

You'll see a difference the moment you step into a Will Steed Home. We are even particular about our vent dryers. Our dryer vents are set up to be very efficient and reduce lint problem just like the one in this video clip.  

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Another Happy Client:
Client Recommendation for Granbury Builder

Will Steed Homes is fortunate to have the best clients around. Our goal is to exceed your expectations, and at the end of the process, you know that the right builder was selected. When the Sparrows started the building process, they began by interviewing 5 local builders in the Granbury area. Our experience proved to put us above the rest. Will Steed Homes is grateful

Another Happy Client:
Client Recommendation for Granbury Builder

Keep Your Family Safe—With A Safe Room

There is nothing more precious to each of us than our families. Their well-being and safety is our highest priority. And that's what having a home represents: safety and well being. Our homes shelter us from the weather, and keep our selves and our possessions from being threatened by bad people. Or do they really? All too often we read about violent weather that rips

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Outdoor Living and Entertaining… Under the Pergola!

Here at Will Steed Homes, we think pergolas are such great garden features. Acting as an arbor with trained vines growing up and over the top, or even as a type of gazebo, they form wonderful shaded walkways or sitting areas with their own distinct character. Whether stand alone or as an extension to a building, a custom pergola brings a distinctive character to any

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We Give You An Outlet—For Your USB Devices!

With an ever-growing selection of techno-gadgets that are coming into our homes, odds are there is an electronic device around you at all times. Smart phones and tablets are not trends anymore: they are part of our lives and will only get more prevalent. And regardless of what kind of geek you are (or aren't), we all know how frustrating it is to look for

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Your Outdoor Screen (Privacy) Saver!

We built a custom home for a client whose lot had breathtaking 180-degree views of Lake Granbury in their back yard. Unfortunately, that also included a clear view of the neighbor's unfinished backyard—and their back patio. They came back to us to help them find a way to give them some separation and privacy without being "unfriendly"... and also stay in line with the HOA

Your Outdoor Screen (Privacy) Saver!2016-10-27T14:59:47+00:00

Plumb Perfect: This is How We Do It!

If you ever listen to the radio here in North Texas, you always hear ads for foundation repair companies...between our weather extremes, expansive soils, and poor workmanship that abounds here, foundation slabs have a lot to contend with. But there's another issue that can be a homeowner's nightmare: slab leaks caused by plumbing issues that go undetected as water piping is placed below the slab

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Our Arbors Are Awesome!

Yes, we are custom home builders, but around here, especially in lake communities like Granbury, we like to live outside, too. When we build a home for our clients, we ask them how they want to enjoy their yard: are you going to have a pool? Is an outdoor kitchen important? Inevitably, the answer is yes to one or both those questions. But as you

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Tornado, Anyone? Hurricane Ties May Help

Everyone has heard about the devastating tornado that hit our hometown of Granbury this last May 15, and of the horrific tornadoes spawned in Oklahoma just the week after. The lives lost and damage to property galvanized the nation. As Texans, (and like our neighbors in Oklahoma) we realize that Spring and Fall bring the potential for damaging straight line winds, torrential downpours, and yes,

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As custom home builders in the Granbury and North Texas area, we've seen quite a few new technologies storm on the scene in the last few years to make new homes far more efficient in terms of energy use and space savings. One of those technologies is the tankless water heater. If you do a little online research, you can see a variety of consumer

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When You Want A Fine, Custom Home… In Granbury!

If you’ve never been to Granbury—a short 30 minute drive southwest of Fort Worth—you don’t know what a fabulous community it is: a scenic lake, a vibrant and historic downtown square, and a home-town atmosphere with plenty to do. If you have been to Granbury, or even if you live here, you already know it’s a perfect place to call home. Here at Will Steed

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Build Your Own House and Save Money!

You've heard this before: With all billboards on the highways, banner ads on the internet, and brochures at the big home improvement stores, this has got to be true, right? This is a perfect example of argumentum ad populum, or "if many believe so, it is so." But is it? Let's look at what it takes to build a house. First, you need a lot

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