The below energy information is from a Will Steed homeowner who has foam insulation. It truly showcases how energy efficient every Will Steed home is. Home builders talk about using energy efficient materials and incorporating energy savings components, but what does it all really mean? Homeowners want to think that their utility bills will be lower, but many wind up disappointed.

With a custom Will Steed home, families really do see a difference. That’s because Will utilizes all the best materials, heating and cooling products and appliances. They go to great lengths to ensure that each home is constructed to the highest specifications. And it shows in the lower energy bills that Will Steed homeowners pay.

A Will Steed homeowner recently wrote in saying, “Foam Insulation really works! I did my own comparison and my family was truly stunned. Thanks for building such a great home for us!”

The Home Comparison chart below is for the entire TXU service area. Usage breakdown results shown below are based on the information provided in this specific homeowner’s Home Profile. (Your Home Profile can be viewed at TXU’s MyEnergy Dashboard.)

Homeowner Kotnour May 2015 Bill Percentages Average Bill*
 Most Efficient 1,435 kWh 43% lower than average $200.90
Least Efficient         4,526 kWh 75% higher than average 633.64
Average  2,539 kWh Average 355.46
Homeowner Kotnour 1,197 kWh Approximately 52% more efficient than the average home in the area. 167.58

*Cost Savings are determined on the average kilowatt hour rate of $.14

Will Steed Custom Homes has a strong reputation throughout the Lake Granbury and Fort Worth areas including Southlake, Aledo, and Cleburne. They also serve the Lake Texoma area including Gainesville, Whitesboro, Sherman, Denison, and Southern Oklahoma. As a premier custom home builder, Will and his teams strive to make everything beautiful, while ensuring that it will stand the test of time. If you pay a lot of money for a home, then you want to make sure it will still be standing in 30 years when the mortgage is finally paid off.

Will Steed Homes is North Texas’ premier custom luxury and residential home builder and remodeler. The contractors focus on quality, details, and client satisfaction with each new home they build. Will Steed designs and builds dream homes for all lifestyles and all budgets. Each client is given the personal hands-on care that you’d expect from only the very best new home builder.