Many homeowners now have steel overhead doors on their garage. These are actually very durable, long-lasting doors and require very little maintenance over the years. They are difficult to damage and will keep the contents of your garage very secure. The problem for many people who own a beautiful home is that these are not visually appealing.

Steel overhead doors are sturdy but not too attractive, so if you’ve spent a lot of money on a gorgeous custom home with numerous designer features, the garage might be detracting from the home’s overall appearance. That’s where cedar-clad overhead doors come in. They add the amazing charm and curb appeal that your home warrants.

Top-grade cedar is applied over the top of a steel overhead door giving it the look and feel of luxury and distinction, while keeping the durability and security of steel doors. This is a long-lasting, low maintenance solution with hand-crafted beauty, but this process should be completed by professionals.

The problem with DIYers is that you must get the clearance between the door and doorstop (don’t forget to include any weather stripping) exactly right. The garage door track must be adjusted so that the door runs properly with the additional thickness.

At Will Steed Homes, we use a professional grade adhesive and fasteners with a durable stain/seal finish that will withstand years of adverse weather conditions. Our professional garage door installers have the tools, experience, and knowledge to get the calculations exactly right. We take into account the extra weight of the cedar to ensure that your garage door opener will still work as designed. Lastly, we adjust the balance springs so that the door opens exactly as it should despite the additional weight.

You get something else that’s very important that DIYers cannot count on and that is Will Steed’s guarantee that if anything goes wrong or doesn’t work properly, we’ll come out and fix it. If you do it yourself and something doesn’t work right, then you have no guarantee and will have to absorb the cost of repairs yourself. We offer a full warranty on all our work, and that gives you peace of mind.

Will Steed Homes has been building incredible custom homes all over Texas for many years. We take our reputation very seriously and many of our sales are simply through word of mouth and referrals. Our past customers are our best advertisement. If you’d like more information about cedar-clad overhead doors, then why not call our office and speak to someone? We specialize in building dream homes for every lifestyle.