At Will Steed Homes we take pride TRASH-PICS-1in what we do and it shows in every detail of the building process for your new home. On all of our job sites, you will find a clean safe environment that not only makes it easier for you to view your new home’s progress but it also makes it a better place for our people to work.

Some builders cut corners on cost by using poorly constructed wood boxes instead of a real metal dumpster. The first windstorm can spread this construction debris all over the neighborhood… Not the way you want to meet your new neighbors!

In addition to just looking better, a clean construction site provides many benefits and ensures a healthy and safe place to work. Dust is kept to a minimum and waste is managed and cleared regularly to reduce safety hazards and improve the overall working environment.

We don’t cut corners at Will Steed Homes, we do it right. After all, it’s your home!