Build Your Own House and Save Money!

You've heard this before: With all billboards on the highways, banner ads on the internet, and brochures at the big home improvement stores, this has got to be true, right? This is a perfect example of argumentum ad populum, or "if many believe so, it is so." But is it? Let's look at what it takes to build a house. First, you need a lot

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What Makes Will Steed Homes Unique?

Will Steed Homes is a builder of fine custom homes - ranging in price from $200,000 to $2,000,000 - who specializes in providing the homeowner with a full-custom experience from start to finish. We also do large-scale remodels to update and/or expand homes to suit the changing needs of a buyer or family. Our company philosophy is the primary quality that sets us apart from

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Will Steed Homes Honored

Will Steed Homes has been honored by the residents of Hood County and beyond, being voted among Best of Hood County for 2012. This is an annual contest sponsored and run by the Hood County News and includes categories such as best realtor, best insurance agent, best restaurant - and best builder. Will Steed Homes is a custom home builder founded in 1999 by Will

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Phantom Screen Porch, Synchronized and Motorized

Screening in a porch can extend the living area of a home when pests and a hot or glaring sun tends to spoil even the best of outdoor living.  Done properly, a screened porch can add significant value to a home by transforming an unused porch into an extension of the living area. Have a look at the video of a remodel where we installed 3

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Spray Foam Insulation vs. Blown-in Insulation

How much more does it cost to do spray foam insulation on new construction? I've done this comparison many times in the last few years, and the answer comes up different every time. The main factors determining the overall cost are 1) the area of the roofline that would be foamed, and 2) the cubic volume of the area to be heated and cooled. We

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