If you ever listen to the radio here in North Texas, you always hear ads for foundation repair companies…between our weather extremes, expansive soils, and poor workmanship that abounds here, foundation slabs have a lot to contend with. But there’s another issue that can be a homeowner’s nightmare: slab leaks caused by plumbing issues that go undetected as water piping is placed below the slab before the concrete is poured.

Here at Will Steed Homes, though, we’ve been using PEX tubing for years. We think it’s the biggest revolution in plumbing since the flush toilet! Flexible, and able to expand and contract, PEX moves with changes in the temperature and is very unlikely to break or split if it freezes.

And it’s the flexibility that makes PEX tubing a great choice for plumbing. It’s like installing a water hose-way faster, easier, and less expensive than copper piping. And, it doesn’t corrode, either.

But we make it even better, especially in regards to your foundation slab. We run our PEX water lines under the slab in conduit, after the slab is poured (check out the picture above for a good visual). Our clients NEVER have to worry about damaging and expensive slab leaks-ever. If a rare defect is discovered in a water pipe below the slab, it can be easily removed and replaced!

Look, home maintenance is a given, no matter what. But by using superior materials and technology during the building process, there are so many potential problems that are immediately eliminated. PEX tubing paired with proper slab preparation is just one of them. Give us here at Will Steed Homes a call, and let us show you the many innovative ways we will build your new dream home-with an assurance of reliability for many years to come.