Will Steed Homes is a builder of fine custom homes – ranging in price from $200,000 to $2,000,000 – who specializes in providing the homeowner with a full-custom experience from start to finish. We also do large-scale remodels to update and/or expand homes to suit the changing needs of a buyer or family.

Our company philosophy is the primary quality that sets us apart from our competition. Our philosophy is to put the needs of our homeowners before our own – and still remain a viable company to continue to serve the building industry and our families long into the future. From the beginning, we work very hard to provide our homeowners with an accurate and reasonable expectation of what the home is going to cost. For several reasons, competitors typically quote building costs that are far below what the home will actually cost. However, we spend a great deal of time getting to know our homeowners and how they will live in the home, what they expect in terms of energy efficiency and level of finish out, and how their budget will fit with their desires. All of this information is used to provide a no-cost, no-obligation, detailed quote to the future homeowner.

Our level of detail in the estimating phase carries through to the construction process. We use sophisticated construction software that tracks all communication, selections, expenses and approvals, pictures, and the construction schedule – all in one place for the ultimate convenience of the homeowner. Finishing strong with punch lists and warranty items is what has made us known as leaders in the areas we serve – and has provided us with a long list of references and word-of-mouth advertising.

Even though we are a fully custom home builder, we do have standard operating procedures that also set us apart from our competitors. These items lie within our building philosophy. Some examples include:

1) Every foundation we pour is specially designed by a licensed structural engineer, and we generally exceed the specifications established by the engineer. Because of this, we have never had a structural foundation failure. Also, our driveways are reinforced with rebar – not wire mesh.

2) We only use #2 or better framing lumber – no #3 lumber is used – resulting in straighter and stronger walls and roofs.

3) Most of our homes are foam insulated with a specially-matched heating and cooling system that results in energy bills that exceed expectations. We also use advanced framing techniques such as “C” headers that add more insulation to the wall assembly and reduce thermal bridging.

4) We have great contractors that we have developed long-term relationships with. Many of our contractors have been with us since the beginning of the company in 1999. We place a high value on establishing relationships with contractors who do quality work for reasonable prices – and they are rewarded with loyalty and timely paychecks. However, we do keep pace with industry pricing to ensure we are getting the best value possible for our homeowners.

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