Yes, we are custom home builders, but around here, especially in lake communities like Granbury, we like to live outside, too. When we build a home for our clients, we ask them how they want to enjoy their yard: are you going to have a pool? Is an outdoor kitchen important?

Inevitably, the answer is yes to one or both those questions. But as you may already know, summers in Texas can be blazing, so when the situation is right, we suggest an arbor!

Home arbors supply an amazing amount of shade without sacrificing the all-important breeze. They can be stand-alone structures, or tie onto your house. An arbor can house your outdoor kitchen, or (as shown in this picture from one of our satisfied home-owners) an outdoor living space that does double duty as shade over their pool when the sun is at its hottest. This one in particular was built from incredibly durable cedar, and ties in beautifully with the house with matching rock accents.

Here at Will Steed Homes, we love arbors. We think they add a wonderful je ne sais quoi (that’s Français for “I don’t know what”) to any outdoor living space.

When you’re looking to build your new home or want a remodel, call us here at Will Steed Homes. We can show you great ideas for your living space…indoors and outdoors!