Everyone has heard about the devastating tornado that hit our hometown of Granbury this last May 15, and of the horrific tornadoes spawned in Oklahoma just the week after. The lives lost and damage to property galvanized the nation. As Texans, (and like our neighbors in Oklahoma) we realize that Spring and Fall bring the potential for damaging straight line winds, torrential downpours, and yes, the dreaded tornado.

Not too much is going to stand up to an F4 or F5 tornado. We all know that—and we’re incredibly grateful that they’re pretty rare: Wikipedia claims that there have only been 60 since 1950—so about one per year, out of the hundreds that are reported yearly. Most tornadoes are F0 (winds up to 72mph) or F1 (up to 122mph) and sometimes an F2 (up to 157mph).

Most structures should be able to withstand F0 and F1 tornadoes. But here at Will Steed Homes, we are starting to utilize building methods and technologies to help ensure that our homes and outdoor structures survive strong winds and maybe even a tornado. One of these methods is the hurricane tie, which prevents a roof from lifting off the walls. Not many builders do this in our area, but we believe it’s the way to go.

We also can advise on building “safe rooms” in your new home in case you’re ever faced with violent weather.

Look, no one can guarantee anything, but by taking precautionary measures as you build your home, you can have some peace of mind that your new home can stand up to the rigors of weather. Contact us here at Will Steed Homes and let us show you what your options are.