One thing that we take very seriously at Will Steed Homes is our energy efficiency rating. We put a great deal of thought into building homes that make use of all possible energy savings features. We believe this is one of the things that sets our homes apart from others. A custom home built by Will Steed will not only be beautiful, but it will give you lower energy bills for years because of the quality of materials we use.

Recently, we received a letter from one of our homeowners who was just writing to say how excited they were about their electric bill. When they performed their own energy comparison to similar homes, they quickly saw a savings of over $100 per month.

The letter comes from Mark K. and he says, “Attaching our electric bill for May. It shows the most efficient and least efficient usage for similar homes. At .11 cent per KWH, my savings over the ‘average home’ energy cost was $112.09 just for the month of May. Thanks for using that incredible foam insulation product. It really does make a difference.”

Your home is probably your biggest investment and it should be a place where you can relax and enjoy life without worrying about getting exorbitant utility bills. Some homeowners in the North Texas area have reported electric bills of over $400 a month during July and August. This can take a big chunk out of your monthly budget but if you live in a luxury custom home built by Will Steed, you can count on getting the lowest bills in your neighborhood.

There are no ugly surprises with a Will Steed Home. And you can be a part of every step with our exciting “Co-Construct” program. With Co-Construct, you get to be a part of the building process. This forward-thinking program allows you to stay involved in the building of your new home from start to finish. Our unique web-based software keeps everything organized and the channels of communication open. As the homeowners, you are allowed to view and make selections and upgrades, track project expenses, ask questions, and check the progress of your home. Homeowners love staying abreast of the builder’s daily to-do list as their dream home is going up. It’s a great way to avoid problems and ensure that you’ll get the home you want.

Will Steed Homes is a custom home builder that serves Granbury, Fort Worth, Southlake, Westlake, Cleburne, Aledo, Lake Texoma, Gainesville, Sherman and many other areas. We design and build beautiful, custom homes to your specifications.