Screening in a porch can extend the living area of a home when pests and a hot or glaring sun tends to spoil even the best of outdoor living.  Done properly, a screened porch can add significant value to a home by transforming an unused porch into an extension of the living area.

Have a look at the video of a remodel where we installed 3 Phantom motorized screens.  Phantom Screen Video  With the push of a button, all 3 screens ascend or descend in unison, and instantly transform this hot, mosquito-infested porch into enjoyable space for this family.

These screens can be installed in new construction or a remodel.  This project was a remodel, but the porch was added on to the house.  So we were able to hide the screen housings and motors in the cedar porch framing.

Motorized screens such as these are not cheap, but they definitely added more value to this project than standard, stationary screens.  With stationary screens, a beautiful lake view can be enjoyed only to the extent of an impaired view.  With motorized screens, the owner can choose an obstructed view on days where pests and the sun aren’t an issue.