Building a Custom Equestrian Home in Weatherford or Whitesboro? Weatherford is a beautiful place to build a gorgeous Equestrian Home. Land prices there are still very reasonable and you’ll find plenty of acreage available. This quaint town has been named the “Peach Capital of Texas” but it is also known as the “Cutting Horse Capital of the World”.

When Ambrose B. White and his family arrived in Whitesboro in 1848, the Butterfield Overland Mail Company was looking for an overnight stop for their Diamond Station. White offered his hotel, White’s Westview Inn and soon after, the Whitesboro post office was formed. Travelers and horses alike could find rest from their long stagecoach journey at Whitesboro.

Today, both Whitesboro and Weatherford still offer beautiful wide open spaces where horses and people can grow healthy and strong. Whether you’re raising quarter horses for racing or thoroughbreds for breeding, there’s plenty of room for young colts to run in Weatherford and Whitesboro.

Custom Stables, Barns and Arenas

Since property in Weatherford and Whitesboro is so much cheaper than in other areas, you can spend lots more on your custom home. Country homes have so much charm. Often they include a large country kitchen, big stone fireplaces and hardwood floors. Of course, there are outbuildings like a barn, stable, corral, tack room and others all set against a scenic landscape. This is a great lifestyle that many Texas families love.

Equestrian Homes in Weatherford and Whitesboro are truly unique and can include a wide range of exciting features. They offer so many possibilities from riding trails to workshops and riding arenas. The barns and stables can be architecturally designed to match the home perfectly. From rustic barn homes to elegant country mansions, Will Steed Custom Homes can build a timeless home for you, your family, and your horses.

Challenging Terrains Are No Problem

Will Steed Custom Homes often works with the most challenging terrains and we do our best to leave older trees on the property. We utilize the most advanced building science to provide homeowners with efficient wall and roof assemblies, high performance water heaters, foam encapsulation, and many others. We understand that getting all the small things exactly right is the key to building a gorgeous home that you and your family can enjoy for many years. We offer full-service design and build to save our customers time and money.

Contact Will Steed Homes

Using today’s highest quality materials, we work with experts in every field to give homeowners an exceptional equestrian home in Weatherford or Whitesboro. You’ll find gorgeous Will Steed Homes all over Texas and we believe each one is a work of art. For more information about building the ideal country home or ranch for you and your horses, contact us today. We provide the utmost in personal services to each client.