An Actual Real-Time Energy Comparison Update

The below energy information is from a Will Steed homeowner who has foam insulation. It truly showcases how energy efficient every Will Steed home is. Home builders talk about using energy efficient materials and incorporating energy savings components, but what does it all really mean? Homeowners want to think that their utility bills will be lower, but many wind up disappointed. With a custom Will

An Actual Real-Time Energy Comparison Update2016-10-27T14:59:46+00:00

Spray Foam Insulation vs. Blown-in Insulation

How much more does it cost to do spray foam insulation on new construction? I've done this comparison many times in the last few years, and the answer comes up different every time. The main factors determining the overall cost are 1) the area of the roofline that would be foamed, and 2) the cubic volume of the area to be heated and cooled. We

Spray Foam Insulation vs. Blown-in Insulation2012-11-29T04:50:20+00:00
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