Building a Strong Foundation

'So may it please you to bless the household of your servant, so that it might remain forever in your presence, because you, Lord God, have spoken, and from your blessing may the household of your servant be blessed forever.' 2 Samuel 7:29   It is our belief that God provides the strongest foundation when building a home – not just the

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Not Just For Wheelchairs: The Beauty of Accessibility

Designing and building an accessible home is a journey, one which requires education, patience and compromise. Our goal was to build an affordable one-story lake house that was both beautiful and comfortable for visiting family or friends who are burdened in some way with a disability. As my mom is in a wheelchair, I am sensitive to the needs of those with handicaps and passionate

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Westlake Home Testimonial

When we decided to build a new home in Westlake, there were multiple custom builders we could have considered because the area is known for having some of the finest homes in Texas. WSH had built a home for a family member in Granbury and they were very pleased. I was a little apprehensive about considering WSH because the majority of their projects were

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