Will Steed Homes has a reputation for building the finest quality custom homes in every community that are served.  We achieve this by attending to detail, utilizing top quality building materials and skilled craftsmen, performing personal site inspections, and intelligent site management.

Ask any owner of a Will Steed Home and you will get the same positive response, “Will Steed Homes delivers a quality custom-built home that exceeds our expectations.” Please call us for a list of our references. We will be happy to provide you with a list of our homeowners so that you may contact them with your questions.

Here are a few things our customers have to say about us:

May I say again. How much we love our new home and working with your team. -Bill Wills

I want to echo what Bill said and then some!

Working with this team has been a fantastic experience! Even with the delays because of supply chain issues and cost increases, this was an incredible experience and y’all did an absolutely amazing job!

Y’all took our vision and made it a reality. In my opinion, that’s what a true custom builder does. I never want to move again, but if I did, I would definitely not want to build with anyone but this team!

When it gets cooler and we’re more settled with a yard, etc. we want to have a party to say “Thank you!” To all those that played a part in makibg our dream a reality. I may some help from y’all when the time comes to make certain we include everyone that played a role.

Thank y’all again! We absolutely love our home!!!! -Marty Wills

For years I’d been coming to Granbury from the Metroplex and the Will Steed billboards always caught my eye. I used to think someday I will have a house like that. Then as Mark got closer to retirement we decided to start looking for a place outside of the city. We found a little neighborhood on the Brazos River and a vacant lot where we could build our dream home. We met some of the neighbors and found out that one of them was in the process of building with Will Steed. I figured after all those years of drooling over the billboards, the raving online reviews, and now the referral from someone we knew that it must be a sign. We scheduled a meeting with Will and he walked us through the process. He was very honest and told us upfront that he is not the cheapest builder. That did not deter us. Honesty and quality are more important especially in your forever home.

Will had us work with a designer who put our ideas on paper, and then Will’s team meticulously made it come to life. This was our first custom home and we are blessed that we partnered with Will and his amazing team. They listen, they care, and they problem solve. And in today’s environment with the supply shortages they still kept things moving. You always hear horror stories about builders and most people would not use the same builder again but we only have praises for Will Steed Homes, and if this were not our forever home we would definitely go through this process again with them.

Robert and I cannot thank you enough for our beautiful new forever home. It was so fun watching it go from a drawing on paper to just what we always envisioned. Your team and all your subcontractors were so great to work with. Professional, patient, quality workmanship. Every little detail has always been handled with as much care as the big details.

I especially wanted to express our thanks regarding your team. Mandi is such a sweet, courteous person. Her attention to detail and efficiency are so appreciated!

Shane was always on top of the details and kept me straight, and had such patience with all my questions and “how much would this cost be versus that” queries.

And then there is Shawn. How he keeps all the details in his head for all the projects you have going on at the same time is beyond me. He is efficient, organized, and comfortable to work with – like someone you’ve known all your life after only five minutes. He is easygoing and has the patience of Job, and a great sense of humor. Not matter what we threw at him he never got flustered or frustrated – or if he did it absolutely never showed. His kindness and compassion during Momma’s sudden illness and death will not be forgotten. He went out of his way to take pictures of things to keep me posted on progress from afar. I absolutely trusted him with finishing details while I was gone for so many weeks.

Robert and I have discussed this many times, and we both feel like God lead us to this piece of property and also to Will Steed Homes to build us our forever home. You and Meri have such a “comfortable” way about you, that we believe is because of your Christian values and the way you conduct your business and your lives. You’ve put together a team of people with similar traits and values who do the same.

We have been truly blessed by all of you.

As we near the one-year anniversary of moving into our newly remodeled Will Steed home, we are just as pleased with our building/remodel experience as the day we moved in. Will and his Superintendent, Shawn, assisted us with a complete remodel of our home (down to the studs). In many respects, this process was more complicated than a new build because of the many unknowns that were encountered. Now that we’ve settled in and can reflect back on all of our decisions and improvements, we still can’t imagine using any other home builder. Will has a first-rate team of contractors who are both loyal and dependable. With so many moving parts, schedules to coordinate and timely decisions needed, having reliable and skilled contractors is essential and Will’s team always delivered. The myriad of decisions needed with our remodel were made easier under the expert guidance of Shawn. Shawn’s knowledge of all aspects of home building and contracting is immeasurable.

From the first day we met Will, we could tell that he was a man of the highest standards and integrity. His gentle manner, knowledge and experience instills confidence. After years of discussion and multiple designs around a new build, and then ultimately deciding to remodel an existing home, Will was always patient and generous with his time and professional with his advice. Even after a year, we continue to be impressed with Will’s responsiveness and his superior standards and are pleased to recommend Will to anyone considering a remodel or new build.

I will take this chance to tell you both how pleased we have been with the process. I know we aren’t finished, but it’s nice to have the confidence that we do with you. We know it will get done. I know you’ve been told that Shawn is fantastic, and he hates to be told so, but he really is. Not just at his job, but just an all around good guy. It is always a comfort to know he’s in charge and we don’t have to worry about it. Also, this home was something I planned for 4-5 years, it was taking down a home from the 1890s that had a good bit of history in my family, replacing it with something new, but trying our best to bring in the memories of the old. Shawn never balked at that and was willing to help me through all those details. It was ALOT, and when I was stumbling, he had great ideas to help it come together. He actually steered me back in the right direction a few times (I almost painted the old beadboard and he said, “I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” Of course he was right. Good save.) I am beside myself with how it all turned out. When something is in your head for that long, it usually doesn’t all come to pass the way you imagined it. I am walking around pinching myself as we move in. It’s so much bigger than just building a house for us, and I appreciate how it was handled every step of the way. You couldn’t pay me to move! Ha ha

Not to give Shane any less credit, he’s wonderful to work with too. He’s behind the scenes most of the time, but the way he handles things is so very important. He’s stellar!

Mandi has been a joy to have around too. Most everyone really. You guys have such a great team, your priorities shine through in them and we are thankful for you all. Having our children onsite basically could have been a concern because we are in and out with farm work, but everyone was respectful.

I wanted to reach out and tell you both how pleased we are. Hope you have a Merry Christmas!!

All the Best, Kelli & Frank Ugarte

Building a new home is a major challenge, to put it mildly.  So, my only advice is if you decide to build a new custom home is choose Will Steed Homes. The result of our Rolling Creek Ranch custom home has been fantastic.  The quality of work and the craftsmanship are excellent but it is the little details that we find remarkable.  Some of this includes automatic lights in the pantry, outlets in the master bath drawers for hairdryers and curling irons, foam insulation, large usable attic space, high-quality finishes and work.  Will Steed himself actively picks out only the best subcontractors, rather than other builders whose criteria seems to be: who is available and/or who is cheap.

Will’s secret weapon is his construction supervisor, Shawn.  Shawn made several suggestions as the construction went along.  Each one of them improved the final product immensely.  Things that neither my wife nor I would have ever thought of.  Examples include designing the secondary bedroom closets, expanding the driveway a small amount but which made entrance and egress MUCH easier, even setting the house
back a little further than originally planned made a big difference.

Shawn also has obsessively high standards for the quality of work and did not hesitate to order better results a time or two.

Will Steed Home is the safest and best custom home decision a couple or a family can make.  Whether it is a first, second or final home, a Will Steed Home is a wise investment.

We hired Will Steed, owner of Will Steed Homes, Inc., to construct our new home in Granbury, Texas.  The construction of this home was not easy due to the size, placement, and shape of our lot.  Words alone cannot express the gratitude we have for Will and his team.  We already owned our lot and came to him with nothing but our dreams and ideas.  He referred us to an architect and interior designer and quickly introduced to his team.  He and his team were extremely responsive and easy to work with throughout the construction process.  Everyone, including his subcontractors, handled themselves with the upmost professionalism.  Will is very patient and kind, and his home building experience is immeasurable.  Our home is absolutely beautiful, and we couldn’t be happier.  The customer service provided by all was also top notch!  We will definitely refer Will and his company to our friends and family!!

We hired Will Steed because he is a master builder, has been #1 in Hood County for many years, and is just simply a wonderful person – with a wonderful team. But WOW!!!!  That is about all I can say right now!!!

We just did our final walk through on our new home built by Will Steed and team.  The home is gorgeous.  It has such wonderful features (foam insulation, tankless water heater, and more)!  It is more incredible than we could have ever imagined!  Truly awesome tradespeople.

Each of the experts involved were magnificent to work with.  They all truly cared about what we wanted to accomplish.  We were able to walk through the house with each one to talk through specifics.  We were truly treated with such professionalism.

I have heard horror stories from people who have built their own homes.  But, Will and his team made it so easy for us.  We enjoyed the process!  We actually did!  They provided recommendations, let us bounce ideas off them, and gave us additional ideas and feedback.

I am finding myself a bit sad it is over.  Such wonderful people we met all along the way.

“Dream” is the first thing that Will ever said to us. We had interviewed other builders who talked about what THEY would do, how much THEY would charge, and what THEY would build for us. Not Will. He was interested in our ideas and how we could work together to achieve our mutual goal.

With the help of Shawn, Shane and Meri, we were able to design and build our future home. Will had a list of sub-contractors, but we were free to go to any store or subcontractor to make both interior and exterior selections. To say that we are happy with the result is an understatement..our family and friends LOVE our new home and so do we. What started as a “Dream” has now turned into our “Dream Home”!


Deana and I want to let you know that we are loving our new home that you recently built for us. The attention to detail and craftsmanship of our home shows how well you and your subcontractors work together as a team for a superior product. Also, we are appreciative of you and your team (Shawn, Shane, and Meri). Your honesty, attentiveness, and sense of responsibility are impeccable. We heard so many horror stories about building a house, but from the first time we talked we felt we had a partner in the process that wouldn’t let us down, and you didn’t disappoint. I’ve heard there are two ways to tell if someone is truly happy after a project of this size: (1) if you would recommend them to family and friends, and we would recommend you, (2) if you are friends when its finished, Deana and I are proud to call you our friends.

Thanks again for an amazing home and a great experience,

Kenneth and Deana Tinkle

Good Morning! We just wanted you to know we are LOVING our new home! Tonia brought her photographer yesterday and we were thrilled to show it off! We have really settled in and are expecting flowers and landscaping next week. Our family loves it and so do we. We have been singing your praises to all that inquire about our house. Thank you again for building our dream house!!

Will, just wanted to send you a quick note after looking at some of the homes on your website – absolutely stunning, beautiful craftsmanship and details. We are still very much enjoying our home that you built 12 years ago now. In many ways it still feels new and the quality hasn’t disappointed.

-Rob and Christy Kilmer, Pecan Plantation, Granbury

After visiting numerous Granbury builders; we chose Will Steed Homes to build our cottage get-away in 2010 and never regretted our choice. Will and his team built us a perfect cottage in the woods. They were easy to work with, kept us in the loop, and made great suggestions such as adding the kitchen bay window. Unfortunately, Mother Nature had other plans and our cottage was struck by lightning and burned in 2017. As for rebuilding the cottage – no one would do but Will Steed Homes. Once again, we worked together with Will’s team (Shawn, Meri, and Shane) to build a perfect place to relax and watch the wildlife in Granbury. Fingers crossed that lightning does not strike the same place twice!

My wife and I had an unusual opportunity to sell our property in Wyoming and decided to relocate to Texas. After a detailed review of locations and builders, we were impressed with Will Steed Homes in Granbury. Our initial discussions with Will exceeded our expectations and we entered into a contract for a custom home. Will and his team were very responsive during the process, answering our phone calls and emails promptly, and providing constructive suggestions to resolve our issues.

Will and his subcontractors are exceptional. This is our fourth custom home and we have never experiences this level of management and attention to detail. We made one visit for selections and project walk-thru. Will kept us informed with frequent updates and detailed status reports. His web site keeps track of construction progress and financial details. We moved into our beautiful home ahead of the initial schedule.

We are very satisfied and proud of our Will Steed home.

David and Shelia Goodwin
Granbury, Texas
April 2018

In selecting Will Steed as our builder, we considered the following factors:

Reputation – Will has an excellent reputation encompassing a number of different disciplines including banking, title companies and the local real estate industry. That favorable reputation is built on providing consistent, high quality service over an extended period of time.

Selection and Retention of Subcontractors – Will works with a select group of subcontractors that he has used over many years. Without exception, every subcontractor spoke highly of Will especially about the standard he sets for the quality of work and how he interacts with each subcontractor. That positive and enduring relationship results in a stable subcontractor base that produces a high quality home.

Construction Experience and Diversity of Portfolio – Throughout the building process, my wife and I were impressed with Will’s familiarity and in-depth understanding of new construction techniques and products available for new home construction. Many builders claim to be custom home builders when, in actuality, their home designs represent variations of one or two basic layouts. In contrast, Will truly builds one-of-a-kind homes that are varied in architectural design. This diverse experience provides confidence in knowing that your vision for a home will be realized.

Communication/Follow-up – Before, during and after construction, Will remains accessible to the Customer and consistently returns phone calls – a real plus in today’s business environment. As with any product, defects in material and workmanship are bound to occur. What separates Will Steed from many other builders is his diligence and desire to quickly correct issues to the Customer’s satisfaction.

In summary, my wife and I enthusiastically recommend Will Steed as a builder of choice for a new home. If the occasion arises and we were to build another new home, then without question we would select Will Steed as our builder.

We just wanted to send you a (long overdue) commendation on the construction of our home. To be honest, the excellence of your company, while always appreciated by us, was recently made even more apparent.

Our daughter & son-in-law recently closed on a lovely home in Houston, built by a highly regarded builder in that area. Their house is bigger than ours & more expensive than ours. But the attention to detail & quality of workmanship in our Will Steed built home far outshines their home. In every respect!

Your customer service, from initial response to calls & requests to punch list follow-up – not to mention the superior construction process, from slab pour to key hand-over… all of it makes us SO grateful that we chose you as our home builder. And if we ever decide to build again, we will definitely call you.

Thanks again, Will & Shawn & your entire staff!!

When we decided to build a new home in Westlake, there were multiple custom builders we could have considered because the area is known for having some of the finest homes in Texas. WSH had built a home for a family member in Granbury and they were very pleased. I was a little apprehensive about considering WSH because the majority of their projects were located south of us in Granbury but Will quickly put those concerns to rest with their transparent process and the level of detail they put into every single aspect of construction. I’ve been involved in multiple construction projects and understood from day one that there will be unforeseen issues to deal with. In our case, these were kept to a minimum and we were always fully informed on where things stood. They also worked seamlessly with our designer Tonia Coleman at Le Belle Maison Interiors. Most of their subcontractors had a long term relationship with WSH and it showed. WSH has a culture of ensuring the customer is satisfied and that did not stop when we moved in. They continue to be eager and willing to make tweaks to ensure that we are pleased. Their integrity permeates every single aspect of their operations. We wholeheartedly encourage others to consider WSH for a custom home and come visit our home to see firsthand what you get when you partner with Will Steed and their WSH Team!

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I can’t believe it’s been almost 2 years in our new home! We have enjoyed it so much. Our building experience surpassed all of our expectations. You and your crew treated our project like it was your own with meticulous attention to detail. Thanks for making our dream home become a reality!
Dear Will,

Betty and I would like to compliment you and your staff on the building of our “retirement” home in Pecan Plantation. There aren’t enough words to describe the asset Shawn Cessna has been throughout the entire process. As the building supervisor he truly acted in our behalf to produce a quality built home that met our desires. Shawn functioned as if he was building our home as his home. He was demanding of sub-contractors, listened and provided great input while being amenable to try new and different aspects he had never seen or performed before. In our opinion Shawn is Steed Custom Homes.

Many builders say they are a custom home builder, but you and your staff showed a difference from all the other builders we interviewed. The reason you standout as a “custom home builder” can be seen by your willingness to try new and different building methods, materials, designs while obtaining the right quality sub-contractor for the job. A very important aspect too was your use of technology with Co-Construct. Co-Construct allowed us to build our home some 50 miles away while providing a documented record of the entire process for both parties.

Betty and I are exteremely proud to say “Steed Custom Homes” built our house.

Dear Will,

I’m hoping it’s never too late to say ‘thank you’ for the awesome job that you and your team did for us! The total remodel of our master bath couldn’t have turned out any better. We so appreciate everyone’s attitude of ‘we’re not finished until you’re completely satisfied!’ Your workmen were all professional and considerate and courteous. It was a real pleasure doing business with you and Shawn!

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We love, love our new home, and we cannot begin to tell you how much we appreciate your patience in working with us. We aren’t totally moved in, but we are making progress! Thanks again to all of you for making our building experience a positive one. And thank you for the fantastic organizational notebook with all of the warranties, instructional information, owner’s manuals, etc. We so appreciate that and have used it several times already. We think Will Steed and his staff are the very best!
We wanted to build our dream home and we needed a builder that not only saw our vision, but also one that we could trust, someone we knew had Christian ethics and could build a home that was not your “typical” house. My architect husband was going to be inspecting every detail to make sure his plans were followed to the T! Will Steed and his crew not only met our expectations but exceeded them! We moved into our beautiful home 6 months ago and have loved every square foot of it! Anytime we have a question or need something from a contractor or Will, we get our questions answered promptly or service calls made immediately. We have and will continue to recommend Will Steed Homes to anyone!
Our relationship with Will Steed Homes was more than just building our home. He and his team became very good friends! He is extremely conscientious and his integrity and honesty is a gold star plus! The quality of a Will Steed home is above average and his attention to detail is awesome! The one on one relationship with Shawn was only one of the examples of reducing the number of problems associated with building a house. Thank you Will for building such a warm and inviting home for us!!! It is awesome!
Debra and I picked Steed Homes based on a recommendation from a friend of ours that is a retired home builder and on our personal interview with Will. We appreciated the organization and professionalism that Will exhibited in his presentation and those traits stayed true throughout the entire building process.

We have always been told that building a home was a nightmare for most people and that they would never do it again. We couldn’t disagree more. We have enjoyed the process, the people, and the experience and would indeed do it all over again if the need arises. Our new home has fulfilled all of our early expectations, from design right thru the finishing touches provided by the stone masons. Will provided us with a tremendous framework from which to work and our superintendent, Shawn Cessna, insured that the final product met and even exceeded the plans and specs in many cases. Again, thanks to Will, Beverly, Shawn and all the rest of your staff and subs for a job well done.

When were searching for a builder for our new home, we interviewed 6 builders. We shortened the list to the best two builders. We looked at homes built by both builders, and they were all very well built. As with most things in life, the cream always ends up on top. Will’s attention to detail during the bidding process showed up in the form of a bid proposal that had bids for everything, and looked more like book than a bid proposal. After the award the attention to detail made it’s way to the jobsite. We had many very good subcontractors that Will brought to build our dream home. One in particular was Cesar our painter. Cesar was very much the perfectionist, and it shows everyday. Another was Jeff our electrician. Had it not been for Jeff, there were many things we wanted, but just did not know about yet. Shawn is Will’s supervisor on site and was able to bring all the subcontractors together to execute all the details we had envisioned, and some we could not imagine. We could not be more satisfied with the new home. It was all we had dreamed of. Building a complicated house is not an easy task, but if we were to build another, Will Steed would be the builder!
My husband and I built a home in 2005 with Will Steed long distance (California.) The process went really smooth. We felt that we got the professionalism that we were looking for. From their bid to delivery, we were very happy with their work and look forward to building with them some time in the future.
We could not be more pleased with our new home, built by Steed Custom Homes. Throughout planning and construction, Will was helpful and professional, and always a pleasure to work with. Will cares about his customers and it shows in his work. We could have chosen from any number of builders, but we’re glad we chose Steed Custom Homes. The result is a beautiful home which we will enjoy for many years.
Tori and I needed as much help as possible when we decided to build the home of our dreams. We chose Will Steed Homes to help us with the biggest investment of our lives. Our experience was great with Will and the staff. They helped us build it our way, not their way. If we build this house again, we would turn to Steed Custom Homes.
Ron and I love our home. Will Steed Homes was the most responsible and responsive builder with which we have ever dealt. They were determined our home would be everything we wanted it to be and worked overtime to ensure it was. There are always changes during the building process, and they were responsive to those as well. I cannot say enough about our experience. IT WAS WONDERFUL! They are great guys.
There are not enough words to express our love for our new home! It is absolutely beautiful. There are not enough words to express our respect and admiration for all you guys at Steed Custom Homes. In choosing a builder, there was only one choice for us, and that was you! When our neighbor saw the Will Steed Homes sign at the front of our property, he told us, “It makes me very proud to see that sign, because you will not find a better builders or more honest builders than Steed Custom Homes. If those young men tell you they are going to do something, it is done.” It is doubtful that we will ever build again, but should that happen, Will Steed Homes will be the only builder considered.
To all of you who made my idea of a home come into being, I want to thank you. Everyone who was involved—all the people from your office, all the suppliers, and all your subcontractors were so efficient and easy to work with. I am so happy with all my choices and how the house turned out. I look forward to happy times there. I can’t tell you how many times I heard the phrase, “Will won’t have it any other way.” You apparently are well known for expecting the best.
My wife and I thought we knew a lot about building custom houses since I had just built one 5 years ago. The building technology had changed significantly. I am glad we used Steed Custom Homes. They were on top of the latest in building technology and practices. The new home they built us is a lot more energy efficient and better built than the one I built 5 years ago.

Most people who build a custom home describe how trying it is. We had just the opposite experience. Will was great to work with. We enjoyed the building experience, and most of all, we enjoyed seeing the house of our dreams go up right before our eyes. Will Steed Homes has stood behind their work in every way. The service has been top notch!

We were reluctant to build another home because of past experiences we have had with builders. From the time we met with Will at Steed Custom Homes, all our concerns were erased. They were professional, friendly, and really understood our needs. They honestly discussed what worked and what didn’t work, and made the building of our home a really positive event. We trusted them, and they lived up to that trust. They built us a beautiful quality home.
What kind of qualities did we look for in a home builder? Qualities such as professionalism, respect, courtesy, and honesty were very important to us. Those are what we found with Steed Custom Homes. After our first meeting with Will, we knew this was the builder for us. Sherrill and I understood that building a custom home would involve some real challenges. For us, Will Steed Homes met these challenges from beginning to end. Many builders can promise to provide a quality home – Will Steed Homes didn’t just promise, they delivered. You can hire one of a multitude of companies to build your house, but if you want a quality custom home that you’ll be proud to own, Will Steed Homes is the builder you’ll choose.
Thank you to the folks at Will Steed Homes for the professional way you handled building our home. My wife, Marsha, came to Granbury to choose a lot and select a builder to begin building our home while I was still working in the Czech Republic. Marsha selected Will Steed Homes from a group of builders in the Granbury area. The choice was made based on your truly professional approach to the bidding process and on your comprehensive and informative bid package. Marsha also felt that you were the most personable group, and she wanted a builder with whom she could feel comfortable during what could be a difficult period. Marsha made a good choice. Having our home built by Will Steed Homes was a very rewarding experience. We got a lovely home delivered per the original schedule and we actually enjoyed interfacing with Will and the other great members of the Will Steed staff.

We highly recommend Will Steed Homes to any and all who ask about our Granbury building experience. Thanks again, and Good Luck with your future endeavors. I feel certain that Will Steed Homes is destined to become Granbury’s most sought after home builder.

I can’t believe it’s been one year since we moved into our beautiful new home! Mike and I wanted to take this chance to let Will Steed Homes know how appreciative we are. You delivered on our short time schedule…4 months! Unbelievable. The crews worked hard to make everything right no matter what kinks we threw in at the last minute. You never seemed to get tired of our questions. You have surrounded yourself with good quality people in every area and it shows! We can’t say enough about the quality of your building and the high standards you attain for yourself and in turn, the customer. We have, and will continue to recommend Will Steed Homes to anyone wanting an affordable quality home. Thanks for giving Granbury an honest, high standard choice!
From the first meeting with you, we were impressed with your honesty, professionalism and sincerity. Those traits were paramount in selecting your company to build our new home. We were very appreciative you working with us on the cost side, and we truly appreciate you going out of your way to help us control the costs and make suggestions to keep costs down. We moved into our new home under budget, on schedule, and at a price we could afford. Thank you for all your help in making our home everything we hoped it would be.
I am amazed at the quality of workmanship that you and your crews put into our home. It’s been just over three years since we moved in, and the other day I walked around the interior looking for signs of settlement. I looked above every window and door frame and not a single crack. Every door and cabinet shuts as well as the day it was first hung. I found the same results when I surveyed the exterior. Not a single crack in the mortar or brick. I know you had to haul tons and tons of dirt in to build this lot up and I worried that settlement was going to be a problem, but you assured me you knew what you were doing. Your service after the sale has been exemplary. On the few items that we had problems with such as the water heater, it seemed as though you dropped everything and make that your top priority to rectify. You made the entire process from start to finish painless. I don’t know a greater compliment Jean Ann and I could give you than to say that when we build another house, you will build it!!
We moved into our home in Cattle Baron Parc in September 2009. We have had very few warranty issues, and what issues we have had, Will Steed Homes turned the warranty work around quickly and satisfactorily. We are very pleased with our house and feel we could not have used a better home builder than Will Steed. Thanks Will!
We contracted with Will Steed Homes to construct our home in Pecan Plantation in early 2010. The professionalism Will and his team exhibited during each step of construction was absolutely amazing. Time and quality commitments were met throughout the construction process, and my expectations were exceeded consistently. While we have had very few issues after the completion of construction, Will Steed Homes has been attentive to our smallest concern, addressed the issues immediately, and corrected every item to my complete satisfaction. I would highly recommend Will Steed Homes to any prospective home builder.
Maria and I just wanted to thank you for building us such a beautiful house! You have made this a pleasant experience from start to finish.Thanks!
We are very pleased to let people know of our appreciation and respect for Will Steed both as a high quality home builder and as a first rate person. The professionalism Will puts into his work is exceptional and we recommend him highly.
We just wanted to say ‘Thank You’ again for our awesome house. We enjoy it as much today as we did the day we moved in! Thank you so much for your outstanding service and help. Helping us out when we were in China was definitely going above and beyond!
When you have Will Steed build your home you can expect the following:
Pros: On time, on budget, attention to detail, helpful comments in preparing home design and choosing finishes, full attention to YOUR home, great sub-contractors, excellent superintendent, and full follow-up to punchlist & warranty issues.
Cons: n/a
If we built another home, we would choose Will Steed again!
What a fun day we had with Shawn and all the great contractors working on our house!! Lisa and I are extremely happy with the progress and help we received making the decisions today. Thanks to Jeff C., Jeff M. and his sons, Mike and Kelly, JD and son, Charles, Rod and Shawn.

These words are what come to mind when I proudly tell others about Steed Custom Homes. Choosing Will Steed was one of the best decisions that we ever made as Will and his Team build an absolutely marvelous home. The craftsmanship and attention to detail seems unmatched in the Granbury area. I interviewed several builders before making the perfect choice to have Will build our home. The Steed Team set the bar for quality and ethics, and surpassed it at every step! Their ability to help us visualize our dream home and their commitment to fulfilling our dream exceeded all expectations. This is the fourth home we have built and Will is the first builder I have ever come across who actually runs a job like a true professional. The house is absolutely beautiful and we are proud to call it our home. We unconditionally recommend them!