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Will Steed Homes' success is grounded in the relationships that have been built between our employees and customers. Relationships are built on trust, communication, and honesty. As such, relationships require constant attention to maintain their strength. This is where Will Steed Homes differs from other home-builders: we spend more time focusing on building trust than any other aspect of our

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Cost Factors to Consider when Building Your Home

I get asked all the time, “How much do you build for a square foot?” Or, “What does it cost per square foot to build a house?” My answer…..well, it depends on a lot of different factors. As custom home builders, each of our projects are unique - rarely building the same home twice. We typically have a wide range of projects

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The Versatility of Shiplap

If you have been around a tv at any time in the last five years, you know what the word shiplap means. Shiplap has definitely made a name for itself since the hit show 'Fixer Upper'. The HGTV series may be coming to an end but this custom home trend definitely isn't due to the popularity among homeowners. Shiplap can usually be uncovered in

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Looking for a Smaller Custom Home in Granbury?

Over the years, Will Steed Homes has created some truly impressive custom homes in North Texas. From the concept phase all the way to the landscape design, Will Steed and his team work closely with homeowners to build a place where your family can enjoy living for many years. And Texas is definitely a great place to raise a family. Though many of these gorgeous

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Will Steed Homes Featured By Milgard Windows and Doors

Will Steed Homes recently built a Modern Hill Country Home in Fort Worth, TX utilizing the latest in window technology from Milgard Windows & Doors. WSH is honored to have the open airy home featured on Milgard Windows & Doors' website. The modern hill country home beams with natural light throughout from the beautiful Painted Style Line® Series vinyl windows. Like Will Steed Homes, Milgard

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Distinctive French Country Home

Located in the exclusive Terra Bella subdivision of Westlake, this gorgeous French Country home has numerous Classical elements. The house offers a long list of custom features including solid hardwood floors and natural stone tile. Even the smallest details are attended to in a custom Will Steed Home, such as a rustic sliding barn door to provide the craft room with a fun vibe. The

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Do You Need a Backup Home Generator?

Texas is well known for its tornadoes and big thunderstorms that can knock out the electricity. If you live in a highly populated area, then your electricity probably isn’t off for long. However, if you live outside the city limits, the utility companies are much slower to get around to your neighborhood. If you have a freezer full of shrimp, steaks, and other foods, then

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Tornado, Anyone? Hurricane Ties May Help

Everyone has heard about the devastating tornado that hit our hometown of Granbury this last May 15, and of the horrific tornadoes spawned in Oklahoma just the week after. The lives lost and damage to property galvanized the nation. As Texans, (and like our neighbors in Oklahoma) we realize that Spring and Fall bring the potential for damaging straight line winds, torrential downpours, and yes,

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As custom home builders in the Granbury and North Texas area, we've seen quite a few new technologies storm on the scene in the last few years to make new homes far more efficient in terms of energy use and space savings. One of those technologies is the tankless water heater. If you do a little online research, you can see a variety of consumer

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When You Want A Fine, Custom Home… In Granbury!

If you’ve never been to Granbury—a short 30 minute drive southwest of Fort Worth—you don’t know what a fabulous community it is: a scenic lake, a vibrant and historic downtown square, and a home-town atmosphere with plenty to do. If you have been to Granbury, or even if you live here, you already know it’s a perfect place to call home. Here at Will Steed

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Build Your Own House and Save Money!

You've heard this before: With all billboards on the highways, banner ads on the internet, and brochures at the big home improvement stores, this has got to be true, right? This is a perfect example of argumentum ad populum, or "if many believe so, it is so." But is it? Let's look at what it takes to build a house. First, you need a lot

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